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tv   11 News at 5 AM  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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eraturthe 50s 6070s utheasplns arctic may glces n the en our east. butf aresu 0smodsnd iunta and wer rsisrl whereweatr erocinsoit ahiberea angeeny e inr meal ne tdatr!yo mnimu wi jesro. morrofoyo moincout
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ve traditionday,o trafwaon o wl at k urafups comi u 1te we uatn 11 ea ns er da wopeaay ain ia hataole. kt cse cctit ana nht sa s'selieved 's okayndopese so h rse ed t a aer masiaisut ng in e tmsa feighbre t uaswed e nehood's n aiand acad
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me, op ofal our s tse neeeo wnadhe t a ste.haeng toy. wel osat weanwillikelree jopoweurn ut lo. thont e r t d acth e r t.11s rta si e ta thornggi, iss wer t odertidaolad ilitie t f rgeerla nr 1mere
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someyetodatlisngn ac p. g printls, elicgete troanpor t ow nuras riutiietth pntn 10 tkewiy unen e n fidecle wnra hsgon knhtl mb "1:5"wweids ma si b s lec ta a wdn enk atll fr icnd i t 'sheree ve orghd asveorin esan mtos ner mo waen. rinow, pf l ga lowich kes une the ntai opt lowpricesr custve i, m esposito news. now tigalookr e ec bbed aome dae in lee red poly b to homwhilfos ie.haed nehbod ocotu
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tye ne dcaenhe or wsk tm thadeswhwn d, e ys wh ns peinhothh e ck. theyanckhepsirs d e r'rsd bere ting f. instigs eve rajacktheyld hbeen gooror to e ifans hond t en t fe hactuallysots to re hebeginning stigion estigato . pretty ptions t wee wo whitis o # nd dark root veataraski t
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beacin nt ntteo a k andchincued din trfiopn ce. acrdinto aespeth im gas faifeorife beforeheriputineyestersc e menacinshim. himanythi w was t. course wet you next in t. this m- th mepiers aeral wilgnedtheiare n hend and endeto t-i er w okeof lire ionmo t felaols.thave itecora ch.
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ing.jor poag toanvide secrof starry tshopi cy im one w e in geaned a ts of nee e, however, doerrostganization g syri -- has beoiled -year civi-ne opdead aft fit betwee de psot ad to author apped theaer of monter thce comahead ofpe fra tring happday ope ex to gin ay visximillioople ad atten when celebra
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may adh drugs, carnd immigratios.a u.s.order agtsre people at one weav presen mainocaffore ahepe wl briestop sian we are learning re about a man wot a coloradoospital: coming this e hospital is have sed to ver inctions. ey're fi. first-do lawmag clma somans inur why accucome he door to new ido. l arto this friday emily is b ..loahead to
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forecast. jas brn has a look at how e a teis incg.ans and some dth a bllnt itting ntfor sod, dea ycu deverything i c end
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friday! we aclng the i-25 corridor this morning. overalprly cooler toy, l quite mild. nd m the 50s anfouthernlora, 40her elturday
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bimperaturesfelo70s po soueast plains. a shot glance ulate it looks e bulkld air way our ef n reday.s anthclha r snowe ins. tmild dryther perhrart tthe t r ockeso il wfosegejofr andale outdathe
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in sll good yoorng e.s vdis the y. inp t ut5 nuugwn47 t nver39utes tpueb. r li tontis a y,trfih
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10ines. g w ers a w t ste cato me reape im n gpushecseoo muchimhas sstwinod yte cothstut lnsor x asulinol te bia hos cu raevalom. cnoedn mef os sebeo chs ss scethalgeindes. onofhepod llult d ofen ye lalor aau urbiounce limto 2 yeraanbi a thewomecusby exlt i th/c cu32rs. he er no e wo bveat j ddpo . huabwapae at ra assau." thri/cbycuwatofel
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ere s t atutelition sl t s. loinigatsae two ty borot e t noco up 1 hi in giou at susp. and brinup to d on stf es theccused ing er orho but - we areing mout a m cuseals whilworkcoloho
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ok at...monu . i'm " e latest on invesgaon at a codoical nter wheormer p riskec and hed at thewe to pain mediasnge ret wino ring thathyiente ne thadn cty ntinat ndl f treon u owf lrn les ndhis ckveto teolisemle id a stag withratuin t
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the i-25 corridor is m. pretty nice lightly ayt mildll m win th60s st co40s elturds niwill be bih high temper50s and 60s...w los on the soueastmay ance us late but it thlk of e coldiril stus oast. ctut of a das are.. 4nd0sit ou a cnc r owmota ld dea ll ewethrrr er lso ilresech. eny thfrwier se lyic tdr atr! a okt urning cmutethamesro. ea tolarnd town ajorso21 demy35in on blvd. traffic is
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pueblofficondiday, ttraf our w chcom. your next traffic date is up 10 milocal inveorsay th two bo cokout errigh ileaon1 ts moin wel veouoo a ossu. d ing u teed on of eshere
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ors. youakws cour tiplytime -00.
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it d i'?? ghnoepiearokg r ts aoo-- do coiz es pestorsaeyal airopr gaey a lo ayewa. theneyt onho e. tho dri ak n gn two ks, the pashers of. neis mning eingout utarco. ut a marsrestn thlistc-rannthtsit anarlaff thun s nsa's aovtomacos. thcod saextl jwi beutngrelylo th8 theo isomm
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amryma2 ceauanhi ewncd he teiol acio lly ok s to abouw eartoks imfrce yk attmerdn is, tthinhephheofthe h, in'it okalthit detely lks very frile, ausa lithhi sike thweinited care min gn ar tffts long tm acav oth bo. orng- na tmpndnisimmic acd nt. yorell iofo miioareawh itecedo r e ssnie ssusa paan. univiocaelheelect afr p
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lere cnt un'o thlaer iled. we aing l r t liketake o majososout cop onws t morn- 'l youlitire loino llhe louide.emy yoaltida
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s. tgr a bly w pc scs, thenlege rkifn fingus and equa, spngpoonwoonof bmain h foprpl oppong t irawa suor vetans.
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beie san- d,fathandfr, ones bu a mth yive to sanded i is m t11s ismog.arh erurn 20toa cli-riisningall etty n be slight clebut still today ll be dry mostlnn s in a0s f mosorn do40in the higher . saooks ne day willwarmerigh n e and ible he sou glte
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li cd air sta to east. ex a bf a dow a lt sday.. d wior a chasn ie tas. t ldndryeaer llerhrar ekrrt atttn ocd , t ale bech. jotheaom ntnde lye tdooathelot oromwithes b. no ps your rnco t affias stthritrc ngothl som ing roh so oe tronrenoros nv. tonti ura ttrfiwaonurchnecourt s mip ining to learn more dut
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dule ce akion. e ing t e ept t. 11ewre lta orgiwhhainto , h,willgettg er lk at ts r t ountai iy behenew cepowhenrakeclos t thinhaenet e stas we'5, -fedxptehudoomsone . in sgsie e gerontpoanst n gutils bewoing s re clner wabl a te frnge plant outs emions u5 us, rain ys tthonngwer plangeatesbome reown un 5ak
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thdeios t decldora mo a knuncimber6:e hn a mapl at ondidat tiis is time cle y thatll bast imo our rate" comingin thehawe wtalkut w isulbe ster li ifotai'gipoto loea lle hemeing psweetyf ra spd e dmr.s epti -e brdm ntrae t o i aasor89 acth me uptrbe
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rn71eslathey tthtod ty s eopl toirraprks cronoang vidit p 1207 yupev gatn,ve gpuic stusav rey edn li pit thsw thxteeng t prosedansw wilta e gd me ho f sito-ehtn nit fery 24thaeng y lly inn ie s tuinnto a sth usondaafeicric de idesov a t
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t exctblan macr l blanntl caatce i r ebtomoigp- ca. you watc drighhere ov. mh going eek---and front. the supreme court came b de white housbmitted 'sfidg alington now more. s a clear mostreme iddel rabo dd p beieanrsanthhenehashe imy ouan hoft told. inn xpd m ersoutca --- ul bla v sne doent omngionalack cau . no wbeatof e hm ndo rakah d ruo ed dis coesto
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e s hrunrain jersey gri ircampaidisapp ann sh reside o sent nt illiondgetcongreer in th e ryan m to gher spend this yeat him toightcept the preside take a what he sa e hohema adsttile ntllinthpor e rs anfutiprrinsocs est . at cdee'fi thiout.e admiti elt in
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ite hoherel be aal iafter that debate laspuicans will ftomoowign y fivethis timetishinmill thon has re statdepartment geral.a ese frhee t finvest int reth sunareestsumt e s ojts lly ins arof- cln heel specalros th reed falrova thorni- aned bbberkiinil. showeu thurvence pictthat ce s s thepectthbbery haedthe nknomaetpulo ea wlbarstgh aomon 8 st. okind -- apu died e to rest oasho
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asxpto, t as s han d ated mawithhie peused ongis7 ye old austinolzer. he iex trged as adult. isningbiosby wl ha ttesty ait callcotije aepio .. atrt t mahu le havto tey agt he hud. cy ed tde tiimpot." he sitmed nfal ne of disitwou-- the ottiongive tsediuss. gh rg snlasgrd ay pot-biiodoarfo s ro ithbpmortge hsingsithsid toss thnclural penapobin ansent
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feecn tr-m-workin esidthe coor the hous we hlatethe veioin stwang 1 ts rng -- wh e-aeptebeeeilonoftent lamave rs a s ued in llin a s'sso ctower fire ag atrtery he
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y fray! rert wi mpatures ie to0s a w ou anghe5 coorhimoin ora aet ne are' be cleto buil. da rytlsu hhs ith50d
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saokcethllt ithi mpatesn 60..felo70poib outhst ps.ho ofair ce u eekeit li bu of coirl ayust oas et of aoodo as relt nday.. 4 a wmo cldsnc r own e s.he a d pstou ear nex ekthrrenwer pake, soit wre wa . en theawinde rely nic we
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utowvdhebuesrowa re pp mo denvinut pu for t hours a day, go to tffic watch on our web c trfic upda 10 m is mni - thmaguemai j coctsunes s thwho cened inli thprirecreke of a priee. the pers asay the sut askeighbore peopere hourins led breain, x wes whenffics to t hou ardend troncora sin, poed g inta shoowiol hdly d et ica re cing
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ent br is retehooting h t state'srison dict years a. communitlent to he bout makin still wshis morning -- yan te touroice be but he e lastthn heasve sttesporwh-aory
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an uate --as spl to anithgoldinmiorpene eial e edan e h "pnae coamnttethild spi threeofte water inhe as rir,lad foseif the mine helrized watelocal ret sa more pple e callfor helpsinc08ey'vhad an ghpercinean mbf lls ar
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e ercas.itlectotheo pr. te tend to ce selected tpa cle usehe newrogram th csoey38:2 "wce h eaca ta ofpe areimthusus as teo o goo doll eyonecri ha imcaciey cal911. if it is sss co resici if sssheam cobendeder bnow the arm bottld enroyersd ojt mina ttistkpe t chal handedrdt thlo
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leakinls. archers y effect ma hn tr gent ng u1 nehi g-- tieethe as fey obms bu counitleers nthe bout ng ctter k su can t
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liooide.emily incanoin
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nand rahwab y ay ata petuinheto0s a f cloale i-r this. pricstt.lle oodati ittodall d moun ighs is d st
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hein a maglan un e eks e othcoldil st jt as bf oln re andh ds and cnow in the mild an rlxtee the currenthen is lso itill behilee a gejoe eak om ntnde ic r atr! tffe arnd so. 21inutn acthto ors ngr anpuebfoliradis s a o raffch ebeltvyot c te i minginmihainno y o aromouakr ty ttou po ca 12 survet dipics, inclunceme was m lu...yes terd
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al wantoncouge to ket mis etn and comp t sur t autyit, versh it very swt. i alloget your pe suilpetwo ekwea ion wee domst cck d . neis morng-- thma pa ron pr. thdio pe cees ly tvecel ncepti morng.e , but nore a fove y h abohi
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hetl turge,jackade ectif delis" ook d fond-ld letteand fres t fee ...witbakery bunl and ama at up. ue swemavegebe, ke tewe y o fe is ge f l oundcrted clasfoot e juch, evenury ub
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but the me am in the heart being call wilemoun ulatiode ms to be s i have never seen ything like thifo r clasngr ju6 ea l ryub'sala gg ecod iss w or mo wltflsheop 'sysm iac cptit wherlltrbad ioires. camn p iof alnttipee ghbah c a syemby takinits moi'rnde apprthsage jos fo cha
5:55 am gn t wh'st r alcaatnofrom ybrngews lead, ikk 1ne th mni. he..anorni unii'h viart' ) let'meogist wh enri utoro ataywertg wi tratus t0s to 3ndew cs g th25 cridois mng. erall nicart. we slle but s qu. toda be dry d mo hig50s r mo outradoin ther evatio. saay l n y be wa wi h eresth50s d few s ssib
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atiaiglte t wkebu ke e ol us ourexpeutol alt s... 40 ouds a for snowmountain and dry sist t next ek too. tht we pattern d , so i w bechan thfrom wind sreallytdhe d now amwnh lo adac rt ajroblfor rninmm luf ospri movihly.owing ugh some conion no oble
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trfi havan ue n kiews t. e'reca lere a a mvon ree hourndof ce ep c ccth grandmnit. sh'selhe a hesge helofrserlluto the hofternoth n in saie ect ng ie the r. igor told va wht heborhrporsoutin codo s. thsp endeene th tegas si ot ht. rememb, u n otoof l o 1brki ns
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